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Art, Photography and Design by Anusuya Bharadwaj |
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Artist Statement

Seeing and capturing the very special element that each of us have within is what I see and wish to capture with my lens. The ancient fascinates me yet I love the contemporary. I like to weave them together and create a beautiful symphony of my own. I consider myself as a global citizen or a gypsy by heart who loves to wander around the world in order to feel and live the rich and diverse community, the spiritualism and the rhythms of the world.


My art reflects the spiritual and the mystic, the exotic yet the raw, the primitive, folkloric with the contemporary. My vision is to bring the diverse communities together, of spreading love and healing in the face of hate and war and most importantly conveying oneness amongst all. 


To me everything I create is an expression of the moment, the moment that we are living experiencing and will be a history in the journey called life.



Anusuiya was born and raised in India surrounded by its rich and vibrant cultural heritage where every few miles had a distinct tribe, a new language or a new folklore. Her initial years were spent in a small town of Bhubaneswar, a historic city that is inundated with intricately carved ancient temples and architecture and houses the largest number of tribes in India. Living next to a stupa, a symbol of peace and amidst the rich and vibrant cultural heritage left a deep impression on her creative side. 


As a photographer she aspires to connect with the various communities of the world, to almost live their life and feel what they feel, be one with them and tell their story. "Its all about the people and how each one is different and that individuality adds that spice to the world community. I like to feel and capture the essence of a place, a community in its most natural state possible." Her quest for experiencing and capturing the communities of the world made her travel and explore the Kantha of Bangladesh, to the Miao tribes of China, the Padaung tribes of Myanmar and northern Thailand, vibrant Aboriginal art of Canada and the vibrant folklore of Mexico. She now lives in Andover, Massachusetts but aspires to explore the rest of the world through her lens.


As an artist she uses acrylics on canvas. Her art is bold and vibrant and conveys freedom of expression, love, rythmn, feeling the joy of life. The portraits are adorned with colorful costumes and jewelry reflecting the vibracy of life and intermingling of various ethnicities that sculpts this world and makes it an interesting and diverse community. 


Anusuiya studied Fashion Illustration and textile art from New Delhi. She later moved to Thailand to pursue Masters in Business Administration and then to Canada where she expressed herself as a visual artist and exhibited in Vancouver. She has worked in a variety of creative disciplines such as a Fashion Designer/Illustrator, textile designer, visual artist, a digital designer and a Photographer.

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